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Your opportunity to master and simplify your finances begins right here, with help from the credit union.

The guides above let you build your money savvy through simulations and activities.

#myGTIstory brings you the latest tips and triumphs. Join the conversation! Tweet your own successes and share your 2 cents.

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Set & Achieve Goals just went up (under “Save”) It offers stories from young adults and simulations and challenges.

Whether saving for a vacation, big screen TV, or laptop, you’ll have a chance to practice the fine art of sticking to your goal.

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Life these days
Exciting things are happening and life’s pretty busy. Spending time with friends, applying for jobs or college, doing schoolwork…. Things can get overwhelming.

Your own path
Overwhelming, but exciting because you’ll be getting more responsibility, right? A big part of that responsibility is taking charge of your money.

Guides is built for you, with all the tools you’ll need to start down the path to your financial independence.

If you don't want to ask them...

Barring the newest videogame, parents seem to be the authority on everything.

Take this opportunity to learn about financial responsibility for yourself.

Guides puts the power in your hands. Click through the topics that are most relevant to you, and you’ll be able to hold your own when your parents start the “money talk.”


If you do...

And if you do have the kind of relationship where you can ask your parents about money, then ASK! Find out how they budget, save, and set financial priorities.

Glad you asked!

Soon, you'll see a new guide called Build Credit.

In one guide, you learn about establishing, managing, improving, and repairing credit.

Even if you don't have your own credit card, now is the time to buid a solid credit history as an authorized user on a parent's card.

In the guide, you'll learn what it's like to walk in the shoes of someone with excellent credit and with awful credit.

You can even take the challenge to save up for an awesome spring break trip.

If you succeed, be sure to brag with #myGTIstory.

If you’re looking for a fresh start in your financial life, Buzz Points offers these tips:

1. Determine your financial health. A new year is a fresh start to take inventory of spending habits.

2. Invest in yourself. Retirement may still be years away, but now is a critical time to start saving.

3. Consolidate and eliminate debt. Take budgeting and saving a step further by creating a plan to eliminate debt.

4. Be cautious with credit.  In many cases, interest rates and un-monitored buying habits can interfere with a credit card’s intended benefits.

Read the whole article, but please keep in mind that this external link is not operated by the credit union.

How to Find Your Money Leaks (and Plug Them)

If you’re looking for saving strategies, The Simple Dollar has some:

Strategy #1: Save All Receipts and Review Them

Strategy #2: Use a Budget – and a Smart Budgeting Program

Strategy #3: Avoid ‘Leaky’ Places

Strategy #4: Budget for Expenses Before You Go (and Don’t Carry Plastic)

Strategy #5: Delete Your Credit Card Numbers

Strategy #6: Adopt Some Smart Food Rules

Read the whole article, but please keep in mind that this external link is not operated by the credit union.

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